Dake Annotated Reference Bible

(Standard 3-column)
Dake KJV Bonded Leather

Now you can have your "Dake" and read it, too!

You've used the Dake Bible for years. It's been a trusted friend and companion. But the old-fashioned type and the small print is getting just a little hard to read...

We've got some great news! For more than ten years we've been working on the creation of a new Dake Annotated Reference Bible. It has all the same notes -- around 35,000!, same references -- at least half a million!, it even has the same outline headings -- try 9,000!

But the layout and design is all-new. All the notes for each verse are on the same page -- no more jumping around! And the type site is computer-generated and much easier to read. This is the study Bible that can carry you through the next fifty years. And it's available now!


• Binding: Genuine Leather, Bonded Leather 
• Tabbing: Non-Indexed ONLY
• Color: Black and Burgundy
• Large Print Dimensions: (Length x Width x Height): 10 7/8" x 8 3/4" x 2"  
     Genuine Leather, Black
      13 digit ISBN: 9781558291225
      10 digit ISBN: 1558291229

     Genuine Leather, Burgundy
      13 digit ISBN: 9781558291218
      10 digit ISBN: 1558291210

     Bonded Leather, Black
      13 digit ISBN: 9781558291188
      10 digit ISBN: 1558291180

     Bonded Leather, Burgundy
      13 digit ISBN: 9781558291201
      10 digit ISBN: 1558291202

     Hardcover, Full-color
      13 digit ISBN: 9781558291232
      10 digit ISBN: 1558291237

• Price:

     Genuine Leather: $122.00

     Bonded Leather: $102.00

     Full-Color Hardcover: $71.00
  • You can view a sample page from the new Large Print Bible HERE.

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