The Dake Reference Library for Macintosh

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Dake Publishing has teamed up with OakTree Software, makers of Accordance Bible Software, to complete the development of The Dake Reference Library , the long-awaited Macintosh-compatible software version of The Dake Annotated Reference Bible.

The Macintosh Version of the Dake Reference Library has expanded search capabilities and the power to search the scriptures in Hebrew or Greek.

Macintosh users will be excited to know that the software comes packed with powerful Bible study tools, and even more modules are available from Accordance, such as 3-D interactive maps and expanded reference works.

Take a look at all this package offers for Mac users:

  • The notes from the Dake Annotated Reference Bible
  • The King James Version
  • The ASV
  • Darby's
  • Young's
  • Strongs Concordance
  • Easton Bible Dictionary
  • Bible Names
  • Nave's Topical Bible
  • Quotations
  • Topical Textbook
  • Strong's Hebrew and Greek Dictionaries
  • Matthew Henry's Commentary and Outlines
  • Wigram's Hebrew Verb Parsings
  • Classic Hymns
  • Classic Passages
  • Daily Readings
  • Parables and Miracles
  • Secret of the Christian Life
  • Old Testament Parallels
  • Bible Study Guide

Price: $90.00
13 digit ISBN: 9781558291296
10 digit ISBN: 1558291294

(The Dake Reference Library for the Macintosh normally sells for $119. However, because it currently runs properly only under Mac OS 7 to OS 9, we have discounted the price. To be fully compatible with OS X, the software must be upgraded. A coupon is included with the software to allow upgrading for only $29, bringing the price for OS X users to our standard selling price of $119)

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Visit the OakTree Software website at and download a free demo!
(note: this is a fully-working demo, but does not yet include the Dake notes)

Click HERE to view an Accordance video preview.

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