Dake Annotated Reference Bible

(Standard Size)

The Original Dake Bible!

Dake's Annotated Reference Bible contains the Old and New Testament of the authorized or KJV Text.

The Dake Bible is laid out with four columns on each page—two columns containing the KJV text and two containing notes and comments. The Dake Bible also features a complete concordance and cyclopedic index.

The words of Christ are in red, and Old Testament and New Testmanet Questions are found at the end of each section. The Plan of the Ages chart is included at the back of the Bible.

There is a complete concordance that lists every Bible word. There are 9,000 headings to divide the text and 35,000 commentary notes. Plus, there are more than 8,000 outlines for sermons and the definitions of key Hebrew and Greek words are included. There is also a complete summary at the conclusion of each book and over 500,000 helpful cross chain references for study.

• Binding: Genuine Leather, Bonded Leather, Hardback
• Tabbing: Non-Indexed ONLY
• Color: Black, Burgundy
• Standard Print Dimensions: (Length x Width x Height): 10.79" x 7.86" x 1.68"
     Genuine Leather, Black: 9781558290709
     Genuine Leather, Burgundy: 9781558290716
     Bonded Leather, Black: 9781558290686
     Bonded Leather, Burgundy: 9781558290693
     Hardcover, Full-color: 9781558290730
• Price:

     Genuine Leather: $89.99

     Bonded Leather: $72.99

     Hardcover: $42.99
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